E-commerce will allow you to sell your products on-line. From a simple web site that has a few products to a complex site with an inventory of thousands of items, John Grube Enterprises is here to help.

An e-commerce web site also is known as having a shopping cart where customers place products in them and then check-out using a credit card, or by calling an 800 number. These programs use sessions and databases to keep track of customers. The shopping cart program that we will use can vary and takes into consideration the scale of your e-commerce venture and the scalability of the e-commerce programming involved as well as hosting, and design features. There are simple shopping cart programs that are easy to set up for a small fee, and more complex systems to meet your every need. We at John Grube Enterprises specialize in customizing your e-commerce design to meet your needs.

E-commerce can be integrated with a Wordpress site using WooCommerce or other plug-in.

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