When building your site and to get higher rankings, the web site should be designed with Search Engines in mind. For people to find your site, they will often use a search engine like Google or Yahoo to find your site. It is very important from the very beginning that you keep this in mind and optimize your site for higher rankings.

Design considerations to optimize your site:

  • Target Phrases - What phrases do you want to have high rankings with?
  • Keywords - Adding these phrases to your site.
  • Targeted Content - Adding these phrase to the content of your site
  • Style sheets - Using style sheets reduces the amount of irrelevant content.
  • Headings - The major engines look for certain HTML tags to find the emphasis of your site
  • Page Title - It is very important to your rankings to name them appropriately.
  • Page URL - Even this will add relevancy to your site.
  • Meta-tags - Adding the keywords and phrases that the users donít see, but the search engines do.
  • Alt-image tags - Naming your images something relevant helps.
  • Dynamic Pages - Database driven functionality to increase exposure of targeted phrases
  • Directory submission - letting the search engines know where to find your site
  • Links - search engines will raise your rankings if other sites link to you.

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