Credit reports and credit scores:
  • Front-end and back-end web development:
  • C#, jquery, html, css, angular.js, CMS

Web Design and database programming:
  • C# ASP.Net dynamic pages
  • SQL Server Database
  • Increased organic ranking and added additional ad revenue to local.com by creating a portal of demographic information.
  • Served over 38,000 dynamic pages showing demographic information for every city, zip code, county and state in the US.

Online content management system for managing advertisers and kiosks.
  • PHP, XML, jQuery
  • mySQL
  • Back-end system to support informational kiosks placed in hotel lobbies.
  • Kiosks and advertisers are assigned to a region and then to each other using this CMS tool.

Web Design and database programming:
  • PHP and Perl dynamic pages
  • mySQL Database
  • Datafeeds and marketing techniques to bring our web pages to the top of google resulting in doubling of revenue.
  • One web page served 330,000 dynamic pages showing all the configurations of batteries and adapters for sale.
Kaiser Permanente
Online tool for provisioning software on 100,000 desktops.
  • VB.Net
  • SQLServer
  • Automated the process of transferring the software and settings of an outdated computer to a new workstation.
  • Automated the process of assigning software to all the desktops in Kaiser Permanente.

Online sales lead tool for the automotive industry:
  • Cold Fusion
  • SQLServer Database
  • XML parsing
  • email functionality

Graphic design and online registrations for sales seminars:
  • Photoshop, ImageReady
  • Access Database
  • E-commerce shopping cart for registrations

Online tools and admin tools for student musicians:
  • Active Server Pages
  • Foxpro Database
  • Foxpro Programming
  • Integrated with Authorize.Net
100 Cars - ClassicOrClunker.com

On-line advertising promotional give-away that won a 2002 Silver Echo Award
  • Codes on Mars candy wrappers gave codes to win a car
  • ASP Programming handled codes and game logic
  • SQLServer database
  • Exceeded marketing expectations by 80%

Original Javascript Scramble Application
  • Javascript
  • Photoshop
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