Our primary task is to determine what your website design goals are. To lose sight of your website's purpose, will result in a website built to your specifications, but ill suited for your company and its targeted visitors. In hiring us as your designers, we will build a web site whose function will match that purpose. We go through a seven step process to help us obtain a complete understanding of your goals and the purpose of your website.

  • Overview -
    • Your purpose. Understanding what you are trying to accomplish in having a website.
  • Image -
    • What type of image do you want to project?
    • What Graphical Style best suits your needs?
  • Business Type -
    • What type of business do you have (or are starting)?
    • What products or services do you offer?
  • Business Structure -
    • How does your business operate?
    • How will your new website integrate with your business?
    • Will you sell products or services on the web?
  • ROI (Return On Investment) -
    • How much investment will be put into your website?
    • What are the realistic expectations on returns?
    • What methods will be used to measure the success of building a website?
  • Transition -
    • How will we integrate your website into your existing brick and mortar business?
    • How soon will visitors reach your site?
  • Timing -
    • From start to finish.
    • Our time requirements.
    • Turnaround.

From your answers to the above questions, we'll develop your site building strategy.
Then we'll move on to the next step..